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Tom Cat Trio Gift Box. Each gift pack contains three 20cl bottles of Tom Cat Gin, Dry Sussex, Cloudy Mango & Blueberry Gin. It's wrapped up in a black presentation box with a magnetic closure nested on a bed of tissue paper. Perfect present.

Tom Cat Trio Gift Box - Dry Sussex, Cloudy Mango & Blueberry Gin

  • Dry Sussex Gin:


    Tom Cat Dry Sussex Gin is distilled in small batches combining six aromaticbotanicals to create a fine smooth gin.Our Dry Sussex gin is beautifully balanced with a lingering finish of orange. Its distinctive flavour is further enhanced with locally grown coriander.


    Cloudy Mango Gin:


    A taste of the exotic ... Tom Cat Cloudy Mango Gin.


    The Tom Cat takes risks – whoever said gin had to be clear? Our smooth Dry Sussex Gin, with its distinctive botanicals, embraces mango to create this cloudy gin with a colour that’s evocative of the ripening fruit.

    Uncork and breathe in the aroma of a mango grove on a hot summer day. Pour one generous measure over ice and stir in a premium tonic: add a fresh mint leaf and a blueberry, maybe two. Or serve simply, on the rocks in a cold glass. Allow the initial sip to tantalise your tastebudsand as the natural tropical flavour lingers on your tongue,sit back and enjoy sunshine in a glass.


    Blueberry Gin:


    Pure indulgence... Tom Cat Blueberry Gin.


    Our smooth Dry Sussex Gin, with it's distinctive botanicals, is infused with the 'superfood' of fruits to give a rich, deep flavoured spirits, the colour of an autumn-ripe plum. Uncork and embrace the aroma of a basket of berries gathered on a warm day. Serve with a premium tonic on the rocks: add the zest of a lemon and a freshly picked mint leaf. Or splash into a cold glass piled high with ice and gently mix with sparkling wine to taste, then let the bubbles carry blueberry notes over your taste buds. Perfect!

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